Individual analysis

“We believe we can help you improve your tactical understanding of the game”

Individual analysis

Your Tactical Analyst believes that every player can improve their performance level whether it is physically, technically, tactically, or psychologically. Convinced as we are we are capable to help improve your tactical understanding of the game with our specific, unique, method.

How does it work?

First step is that we have contact with a player to make a free individual video analysis. Then, one of our video analysts will code a full match of the player on the basis of our unique fundamentals. All our video analysts are trained by our internal video analysis course. During a full month they have analysed and discussed every position in every detail. They have seen hundreds of clips and are specialized in analysing football games in detail.

After that, one of our performance analyst will make a appointment with the player for a session. Sessions take most of the time place via Skype/Facetime and Dropbox. No problem if the player does not know how to use this, we will explain it. During this session, what takes between 30 and 60 minutes, our performance analyst will discuss the clips with the player. He will ask the player questions about the teamstrategy, he will provide the player tips, ect.. If the player likes it, we repeat this service on a weekly basis.

Your Tactical Analyst

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