Individual analysis

“We believe we can help you improve your tactical understanding of the game”

Individual analysis

Your Tactical Analyst believes that every football player can improve their performance level in multiple ways. Improvements in footballing performance can be achieved through physical, technical, tactical, or mental training. We are capable of improving your tactical understanding of the game with our unique method.
Every player should be trained on an individual level in order to get the best possible improvements in the tactical understanding of the game. We focus exclusively on the individual player because we understand the complexity of football and see the impact the individual player can have on the game.

Game analysis

Our analyses are solely focused on what happens on the pitch. We make players better within the framework of the game model of the coach.

    • Always within context of the line / team strategies
    • Always in accordance with the opinions of the coach

How does it work?

  • Start with a free session giving you insight in your tactical behavior
  • Map out the initial level of your tactical awareness
  • Unique video clips that are solely based on your tactical choices
  • Access to all fundamentals (game situations) that you can develop in
  • Weekly online sessions
  • 24/7 cooperation via WhatsApp and Facetime


  • Improve your performance
  • Improve your stats
  • Gain insight in your decisions on the pitch
  • Go from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence
  • Gain confidence during matches
  • Learn new tactical behavior

By analyzing the games we can give the player:

  • Techniques to deal with different game situations
  • Instructions to recognize these situations sooner
  • Practices to anticipate on situations to become an indispensable player for the team

Your Tactical Analyst

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