“We use our own methodology to improve the tactical abilities of footballers”

Our method

The tactical aspects of football have been the subject of research for a long time. Our method is based on research from Spain by experienced researchers, football coaches, trainers and specialists. These studies are focused on searching individual behavior in specific game situations in worldwide competitions and at several World and European Championships. With the information from the studies we developed our own unique method that can bring and maintain players at the top.


Your Tactical Analyst will help the individual football player or the entire team. Because we understand the complexities of football, our analysis will improve the tactical level of the players to ultimately increase their personal effectiveness in a game. The analysis that we perform is closely related to the playing style of the team to give it an added value for both parties. We work remotely via Facetime/Skype and Dropbox. We provide a very detailed analysis of every match and discuss this on every moment with the player via Facetime/Skype.



Your Tactical Analyst uses fundamentals where players learn to understand how, when and where choices are made in order to make the right decisions during the game. A fundamental is the ‘optimal response’ to a game situation. The fundamentals are related to a number of elements. These elements are the position of the player, the formation and playing style of the trainer/coach. There are individual, board and team fundamentals. The player will get a better understanding of his own actions through structured analyzes with the support of videos. After the analysis, the player will be able to optimize its operations at the tactical level.



Your Tactical Analyst

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