“We believe that a top player’s significance lies in his tactical understanding”

Your Tactical Analyst

We provide tactical insight to all players serious about improving their game understanding. Your Tactical Analyst specializes in football tactics and strategy. We work with players who invest time and effort in to their own development to attain their full potential.

Leroy Fer

‘Thanks to the ‘crosswalk principle’ of Your Tactical Analyst,
I look around more on the pitch which increases my awareness of my surroundings.’

Wout Brama

‘Understanding the game tactically is essential to play at the highest level’.

‘Football is played largely with your head. Your body follows the instructions. Therefore, I think it’s important that you develop tactically and make yourself aware of both your surroundings and situations’.

Jurjan Mannes

‘Spaces, spaces and spaces that is what Xavi said on the question where hes’s been busy with the whole game. Loran makes me aware of this and takes me in his enthusiasm’.

Mark Diemers

‘Tactical analysis is a method of training that is just as important as strength training or field training’.

Wout Droste

2017 – 2018

2016 – 2017

Individual coaching

We provide individual coaching to improve their tactical knowledge.

Team coaching

We analyse your team and your opponents. Providing you with strategies to improve your team and decoding the opponent.


We provide workshops to teach you our unique way of understanding the game.

Loran is a highly skilled football analyst with a clear, detailed game model allowing him to analyse football and provide clear, specific feed back to both players and coaches in order to improve performance. He is intelligent and educated with sound social skills which help him to build strong relationships with his clients. His service is of the highest standard. He will no doubt improve players understanding and decision making allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Loran’s game knowledge and insight will be a positive and successful addition to your development plan as a player or coach.

Adam Sadler

Video analyst Leicester City FC

Loran as your tactical analyst is someone who has the drive to make you better as a player. As a professional football player and athlete it’s ideal to work with someone who puts your individual development at first by looking at aspects you can develop and by that working on your individual goals as a player. Nangila van Eyck

Ex-international Netherlands team

Your Tactical Analyst

Loran Vrielink
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