Joost van Aken

‘‘YTA has given me insight in different game situations. Now, I structurally make better choices in the field.”‘

Stefan de Vrij

‘Thanks to YTA, I am better in making the best choices in the game.’

Quenten Martinus

‘YTA makes me conscious about my positioning so I can save more energy for my offensive actions and dribbles’

Mark Diemers

‘YTA has made me conscious about my viewing habits. Because of that, I make better decisions in game situations.’

Jordy Thomassen

‘Gaining a few percent each week, thanks to my personal analyst Martin Darneviel’

Leroy Fer

‘Thanks to the ‘crosswalk principle’ of Your Tactical Analyst,
I look around more on the pitch which increases my awareness of my surroundings.’

Wout Brama

‘Understanding the game tactically is essential to play at the highest level.’

“We believe that a top player’s significance lies in his tactical understanding”

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Your Tactical Analyst

We provide tactical insight to all players serious about improving their game understanding. Your Tactical Analyst specializes in football tactics and strategy. We work with players who invest time and effort in to their own development to attain their full potential.

Individual analysis

We provide individual tactical analysis for professional football players to improve their tactical knowledge. Eventually you will become a better player!

Team analysis

We provide tactical insight with our analysis for professional football clubs. We can help them develop their individuals, lines and team tactics.


We provide workshops to teach our unique way of understanding the game. Thereby you can earn three KNVB license points if you participate.


Your Tactical Analyst

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